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About Us

Wholesale with Heart

Since its inception in May 2015, Sunrise Beverage has been committed to bringing the best better-for-you products to the Front Range and Foothills of Colorado while providing best-in-class service to our customers and partners. We are a locally-owned business dedicated to offering competitive prices that support your success.



Our leadership team has a combined 120 years in wholesale distribution. We use that experience to provide better-for-you products to Colorado communities while reducing our waste through a state-wide recycling effort.

Our Story

When Odwalla decided to close their distribution business in Metro Denver, they approached Ham, Bob, and John, their current Odwalla distributor on the Western Slope, to become the exclusive Odwalla distributor on the Front Range. The trio is well-known for distributing on the Western Slope for over 35 years and this opportunity afforded them the chance to service more of Colorado and, given the employment climate at the time, they were excited about the opportunity to save 11 jobs with the hope of creating more. They formed Sunrise Beverage and added additional better-for-you products to their list, including several kombucha brands, probiotic and plant-based drinks, as well as other products like Guayaki Yerba Mate and locally produced beverages and snacks.

In less than three-and-a-half years, Sunrise Beverage outgrew their 9,760 sq ft warehouse and relocated to a 24,000-plus sq ft location. Additional refrigeration and warehouse space have allowed the product list to expand and grow to suit our customers’ needs. The company now employs over 20 people and continues to grow.

Environmental Responsibility

Recycling Plastics, Cardboard, and Pallets in the Rockies

Sunrise Beverage and its Western Slope sister company receive products on over 20,000 pallets in their warehouses annually. Every inbound pallet is shrink-wrapped, often with one or two thick cardboard pieces placed underneath the product. Most outbound pallets of products are shrink-wrapped again to ensure the safe arrival of products to our customers.

In short, the packaging-heavy distribution industry can create a lot of waste.

Sunrise Beverage’s location in Denver allows for economical access to recycling opportunities. The company collects all used shrink wrap, cardboard, plastic kegs, and broken or unusable pallets and partners with local recycling companies to divert as much packaging from the landfill as possible. These same recyclable materials are delivered to Sunrise Beverage from our sister distribution warehouses in Montrose and New Castle every week.



Cardboard and plastic are baled before sending to the recycling companies.

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